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We provide everything you need to grow your business and get ahead of your competition online.

Technical SEO Per Hour

Hire an Expert for technical SEO
→ Pay per hour
→ Fix SEO Issues
→ Sitemaps
→ Metatags
→ Site Speed
→ JavaScript indexing
→ and more.

Page SEO Optimization

Let us make your page SEO Proof
→ Perfect SEO-titel
→ Meta Description Tag
→ Focus Keyphrase
→ Image alt Tags
→ SEO Friendly Slug
→ H1 H2 H3 Tags
→ On-Page Optimization

E-mail Campaign Creation Per Hour

How to get started with email marketing
→ Create a Campaign
→ Subjects Line
→ Enable Tracking
→ Focus Keyphrase
→ Increase Reply Rate
→ Enable Autoresponders
→ Segmenting Your Email List

Google Ad Campaigns

Product Name
→ Perfect SEO-titel
→ Copywriting
→ Re-Marketing
→ Adwords Strategy
→ Adwords & Copywriting
→ High Click Through Rates
→ More Traffic + Conversions

Inbound Marketing Plan

Inbound marketing plan tailored for your business
→ Tailored Action Plan
→ Marketing Strategy Report
→ Customer Segmentation
→ Promotional Campaign

Buyer Persona

Create a Buyer Persona to target your best new clients
→ Atract the ideal client
→ Gain relevance
→ Address insights and gaps
→ Target prospects
→ In-depth analysis

Customer Journey

Research all touch-points & Plan to fix the gaps
→ Customer Journey
→ HubSpot Ready
→ Return Path
→ Landing pages
→ Liquid Content
→ Email Rendering
→ Email Deliverability
→ Data Segmentation

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